Boksay's Cottage
H-8253 Révfülöp,
Petőfi S. u. 48.

Endréné Boksay
H-8800 Nagykanizsa,
Takarék u. 18/A

Tel: +36 30 947 6658
Tel: +36 30 997 2795
Fax: +36 93 314 980

Balaton – Révfülöp

The cottage

The house is located in the centre of the village, 500 meters from it, in a quite street on the Fülöp-hillside with a beautiful view on the lake and the surrounding hills.
Its fixtures and equipment is modern but it shows the charm and harmony of cottages at the lake Balaton.
Its garden gives the same impression: on one side stand a nearly 50 years old cherry-, pear-, and apple trees, in the backyard a beautiful pool and a mediterian garden with a relax-corner are to be found.
In the cottage there are three sleeping rooms (one of them with four beds), a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom with shower and toilet, a separate toilet, a pantry and a cellar.
The building gives the opportunity to accommodate six-eight guests comfortably.

2013.04.13 – 2013.05.24. 16,- EUR/Pers./Day + Residence Tax
2013.05.24 – 2013.06.21. 20,- EUR/Pers./Day + Residence Tax
2013.06.22 – 2013.08.16. 25,- EUR/Pers./Day + Residence Tax
2013.08.17 – 2013.08.30. 23,- EUR/Pers./Day + Residence Tax
2013.08.31 – 2013.09.27. 18,- EUR/Pers./Day + Residence Tax
2013.09.28 – 2013.12.20. 16,- EUR/Pers./Day + Residence Tax
2013.12.21 – 2014.01.03. 25,- EUR/Pers./Day + Residence Tax

Pet: 3 EUR/Day
Residence Tax: 315,-Ft/Pers.

Time schedule of the cottage

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